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Diction Desktop App

The Diction Masters desktop application is the perfect tool for the classroom teacher to run a diction session independently. The software is simplified for a smooth user experience. It is an offline application that gives access to class-based diction content for each learning level. This software can also be used for personalized learning at home.

Diction Mobile App

Explore huge data base of interactive audio-visual lessons on pronunciation/diction across all class grades on our Diction Masters mobile Application. With a friendly and easy to use interphase, users can effortless, without a previous knowledge of tech learn their way through the best coaching techniques on pronunciation and public speaking. The Mobile Application works in unison with the desktop application, making it easy for educators to prepare lessons before classroom sessions. Non-academic learners have found the diction masters android application a safe haven for world-class content exposure.

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Premium Teacher's Training

Get exclusive diction training for all teachers in your school. All you need is your phone and internet and a huge database of interactive audio-visual lessons on pronunciation/diction will be opened up to you.